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eLearning Animation Services

Animate it!

Whether it be a hype reel, a new product launch, a character scenario or motion graphics, animated videos are a powerful way to bring your story to life!

Why choose animation for eLearning?

Animation is an awesome way to engage learners.  It aids retention by drawing the learner in and keeps them attracted to and interacting with the learning content.

Why choose animation over filming?

When opting for animation over a live video shoot you have the ability, whether it’s a month or two years later, to edit the content easily without having to reshoot the whole scene.

Animation is limitless

Animated videos are a powerful addition to any eLearning course. They are also a powerful tool for communication pieces when training is not the outcome you really need.

When to use animation

Animation makes learning more engaging, interactive and digestible. It is ideal for eLearning, as it allows for easy updates with minimal logistical obstacles. 

There’s no one size fits all. The only common denominator is that your content, whatever it may be, must engage your audience and provide the outcomes its intended to.

There are definitely times our clients come to us for an eLearning course when in fact they would be better served with an animated video or an entirely different, left of field solution.

Basic Animation
2D Character Animation
Motion Graphics
Animated Movie

Foxtel wanted to take their call centre service staff training to a whole new level.

This animated movie is one of three is a series designed to train their workforce on taking Payment Over the Phone, ACMA Regulations and Broadband Bundles.

They were super fun to work on!

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