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Animation is a flexible solution that, unlike video, provides the ability to easily edit information as changes occur in the business, without the exorbitant re shooting and production costs.

Animation can mean different things to different people. One person might think of animation as a ‘Cartoon’, others might think of it as ‘Motion Graphics’; there’s a variety of elements that determine the need for animation in eLearning.

At Simply eLearning, animation is a design device to support our clients’ eLearning needs that stimulates engagement in an entertaining and educational way. Our goal is to design animation that encourages users to interact with their digital learning content in a genuinely meaningful and memorable way.

Why Choose Animation for eLearning? 

Quite simply, animation is used to engage the user. If you want staff to retain, remember and reflect on what they have learned, animation draws the user in and keeps them attracted to and interacting with the learning content.

Animation visually engages people during a learning setting in a way that watching a static slide, where you read text appearing on screen, cannot do. When you provide an illustration or animation for the user to enjoy, it stimulates the user’s attention, helps to keep them interested, and ensures effective knowledge transfer.

Animation is Limitless 

It’s a fun tool to work with in the eLearning space that makes education entertaining. At Simply eLearning, we do everything from basic, ‘Fade in Fade Out’ animation on the screen to more complex animation solutions which include, ‘Motion Graphics’ where an object can build and change shape and move around, much like it does in ‘2D Character’ animations. We do ‘Full Character’ Animation where you might have a puppet walk on screen and they talk to you and walk off and move around and engage with the user in a variety of ways.

We create animation solutions for our clients that is tailored to their learning goals and works in with their budget and broadband availability.

Why Choose Animation Over Filming?

When opting for animation over a live video shoot you have the ability, whether it’s a month or two years later, to edit the content easily without having to reshoot the whole scene.

Animation is an excellent alternative when filming is too risky or costly, like trying to hover above this helicopter to get the right angle.

Animation Styles 

We create a wide range of award-winning animation for our client projects. The style of animation can be based on the requirement from a client’s LMS or something as simple and fundamental as a broadband issue, where the business is located in regional areas so a modified version is needed to ensure the eLearning course streams over the internet.

Enjoy a sample of our animation solutions.

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Basic Animation

If you want to make your presentations pop, basic animation is a great tool. An example might be taking a PowerPoint slideshow to another level for a corporate presentation by converting it into an animation environment to stand out and wow the crowd.

2D Character Animation

Think of 2D character animation like a cartoon. An example includes simulating a retail or frontline environment to educate staff about their customers and how to deliver the best customer service, and can include variable options to different customer scenarios.

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Motion Graphics

Motion graphics can be used in any eLearning setting. An example is in a critical content learning environment like First Aid where we illustrate the heart beating and design images moving around on the screen to show the circulatory system.


Interactive animation can engage the user to mirror anything you would like them to do in a real-life setting. An example could be when you want to teach someone how to save a life. The user learns and remembers how to perform CPR because they have to click up and down 30 times with the hands on the screen to perform CPR.

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