Instructional Design

Storytelling is the key to great learning design.

Writing the script is the first step in our instructional design process. It’s where we set the scene and decide on the language and tone that best suits the topic, the target market and the company’s voice.

Simplifying the complex

Be it raw content, a mesh of content or no content at all, throw whatever you have at us and we will research the topic, glean the important information and formulate that into a script that tells your story.

Designing engagement

With script in hand, next comes the focus on engagement. This is where user experience comes into play and interaction and functionality hits the spotlight in the design process.

Learner-centred design

By engaging learners in content that feels meaningful and worthwhile, something that gives their needs, interests and skills the attention it deserves, they learn more and commit to doing more.

Learner-centred design

Learners sit at the very heart of modern instructional design principles. It is every learning designers role to deliver eLearning content that learners want to engage in.

A learning experience that stimulates someone’s mind, provides active learning opportunities and focuses on the learner, is an experience they will remember.  

Are you ready to tell your story? Let’s bring your ideas to life together.