See how Transport for Brisbane (TfB) engaged Simply eLearning (SE) to develop their bus driver inductions.

Here at Simply eLearning, we provide end to end eLearning content development services day in day out … so when Transport for Brisbane (Brisbane City Council) asked us to develop a set of inductions for their business and depots across Brisbane, what else could we say… we’d love to!

Client Name: Transport for Brisbane | Brisbane City Council
Type: Mix of illustration, video, high res images, animation
Software: Articulate Storyline 360 + Adobe CC
Inclusions: Video edits + narration + characters + animation
Output: SCORM + Video mp4

Strategic planning for course development

It all started with a working group of keen scripters from TfB and SE who were challenged to set the scene with an appropriate script that would detail the key messages and information that TfB wanted their bus drivers to know – within a less than 15 minute session.

We had to build a full session and then break it into 7 different site instances and then tailor each instance to suit their specific environment. There was a heap of information to get through in a short amount of time, so we hit the ground running.

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Planning Stages

Using the information provided by Brisbane City Council we start writing the script while keeping in mind their request to during of the course to roughly 30 minutes.

Once the script is written it is time to storyboard it. This is where our ideas are first sketched.

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Personalised Character Creation

Now for the illustrations and characters to come to life and are animated. He we have ensured that the uniform the characters are wearing are in the same colours/style of Brisbane Transport uniforms.

Promoting a safe and supportive work environment. Council takes workplace health and safety very seriously.

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Step 1

write a script that could be narrated in less than 10 minutes.

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Step 2

develop some characters to help tell the story.

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Step 3

get as many images and video footage as possible before development starts.

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Step 4

develop a specific style guide for the course

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Step 5

bring it all together to develop the content.

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Step 6

test it and deploy it.

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Course Creation

Now that all the images, characters an are ready, they are placed into the course with the matching script and/or narration.

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Learning Styleguide