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Building exceptional teams by designing powerful learning experiences.

Here's just a few reasons to team up with us

We are exceptionally good at what we do! Your learners sit in the centre of our design process, which is focused on engaging them using the latest in modern, digital design principles.

Our instructional design methods and development process is unique and agile. It has been perfected over the past decade resulting in a simple and seamless experience. 

We don't just say we care, we show it. Through transparency we build amazing relationships and through passion we build amazing learning. We are courageous in our growth and generous with our time.

We are onshore and in-house, providing you with direct access to our designers to better guide and navigate creative options. 

We are stable, experienced and have designed and delivered over 1,500 courses to some pretty awesome clients, which means you'll be in good company.

Don't take our word for it

If I had to sum up Simply eLearning in four words, it would be passion, professionalism, perfectionism and personality. Expect to be challenged. Expect to receive guidance. Expect creativity. Expect efficiency. Your business will be enriched by a highly engaging and supportive relationship with Simply eLearning.  They truly offer a world-class eLearning experience in every respect.


We adapt our thinking and design for every new project, so its unique and relevant. 

Our approach is simple.

We dig deep into the content so that we understand it. Then we determine the ‘need-to-know’, ‘good to know’ and ‘nice to know’. This then informs the instructional design process and learning requirements. 

Keep it visual, keep it relevant, make it relatable.

inundation controls in a simple way
personalized elearning content development
easy managing of information

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