See how Telstra engaged Simply eLearning to develop their Go Repeater eLearning course.

We are lucky enough to work with Telstra on some fantastic eLearning development projects and this one is no exception. When invited to lead the development of Telstra’s Go Repeater eLearning course, we found ourselves madly researching this awesome technology to see how we could best present it in an educational format for online delivery.

Client Name: Telstra
Type: Mix of illustration, video, high res images, animation
Software: Articulate Storyline 360 + Adobe CC
Inclusions: Video editing + narration + product and equipment illustration + animation
Output: SCORM file


To ensure we could meet the brief and develop an interactive, versatile and relevant course that would hit the mark, first we had to understand the product.

Telstra SME’s were a wealth of knowledge and crucial to this project as there was not a lot of information readily available.

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Planning Stages

Armed with all the information we needed, the first step was to get the film crew ready and scope out some locations to shoot the installation of the Go Repeater in real time. Considerations for Workplace Health and Safety, appropriateness of location and service for installation and ease of access were all very important to ensure that we could capture the right information and produce a product that would enable a technician to pick up and install the Go Repeater.

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Step 1

With a suitable location secured we set about filming a technician installing the product.

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Step 2

We then edited the video and broke it down into bite size pieces to create a story for the installation requirements and process.

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Step 3

We wrote a script (story style) that would provide a step by step process for installation from preparation through to testing.

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Step 4

We developed a specific style guide for the course

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Step 5

We brought it all together to develop the content, including video, custom illustration, and animation.

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Step 6

We tested and deployed the course.

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Course Creation

Once the images and video footage were ready, they were pieced together alongside narration.

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Learning Styleguide